Lightworks is an ongoing development project, so they are consistently seeking new improvements and features that they can provide for their customers. They have made many significant changes from year to year, and plan on doing the same this year. Except we have been hearing and reading that they are doing something super special this year, which we can't fully put our finger on.

The list of features here are what they have publically come out and said are some new developments and improvements for. Here is the Lightworks roadmap. Check back on this page often for updates.

Quarter 1 and 2

  • Design Feature: Blackmagic
  • Support for AJA
  • Support for DVS
  • Support for AVC
  • Support for XDCAM HD
  • Improvements with performance for Formats in Long GOP
  • Options to export on DVD
  • Advancement for Stereoscopic toolset
  • New toolset: RED
  • Tool for tilting
  • Additional enhancements for timeline functions (such as muting)

Quarter 3

  • Improving the operation for XML and AAF
  • Newly added effects
  • New plugins for audio functionality
  • Advanced flow integration

Next Year

  • Delivery of files more efficiently 
  • Editing remotely
  • Improving the group sync
  • Supporting a full sixty-four bit 
  • Supporting OSX and Linux