Does MintBird Sales Funnel Cart Builder Really Work? 

 June 13, 2021

By  Lightworks Team

Most people who do online marketing are familiar with cart and sales funnel builder products like ClickFunnels, but some of the biggest complaints that I hear from thousands of marketers, both new and experienced are that:

- They are too expensive

- They have limited functionality

- Hundreds of constant upsells to different products

- Their customer support is lacking

- They've grown too big to care about product quality anymore

And those are just a handful out of the dozens more complaints you can find online. There are many other alternatives out there to ClickFunnels, LeadPages, and their competitors, but the newest and most cutting edge product is about to hit the market for the first time: MintBird

Created by two online marketing juggernauts, this sales funnel builder is an excellent option for beginning and advanced marketers, whether you build funnels for clients in an agency, promote affiliate products, your own e-commerce products, and much more. 

In this review, you'll learn everything you need to know about this cart builder for your sales funnels, and if it's worth the small investment. Let's dive right in!

Who is Chad Nicely

Chad Nicely is an internet marketing veteran who's been active since 1998. He's created or been apart of numerous multi-millionaire product launches, so many, that it seems like everything he touches turns to gold. 

But the biggest predictor of true success is how many people that you can teach your systems and help your products with. Chad has coached thousands of students over the years to be successful with affiliate marketing and creating their own products. And MintBird is the next in line to create millionaires from. 

Who is Perry Belcher

Perry Belcher's name is synonymous with genius in the online marketing world. He's a copywriting master and is one of the cofounders of one of the biggest internet marketing live events in the world, Traffic and Conversions live. 

Like Chad, Perry has made tens of millions from launching products and coaching students how to replicate his success. He's helped thousands of people from around the work with affiliate marketing, copywriting, and a whole host of other things. 

So How Does It Work?

MintBird is a sales funnel builder and easy solution for marketers to easily and quickly create high converting, professional looking funnels for selling products and services. Take a look at this short video to get an idea of the possibilities.

Key Features

  • Library Based: You can create funnels quickly because of the library based content that's there for you to browse through and drop into the funnel.
  • Easy To Use: The ease of use in the platform is incredible. Easily setup scripts, products, and delivery ahead of time and seamlessly integrate into the software.
  • Create Funnels in 2-Minutes:  Unlike more complicated funnel builders, MintBird allows you to drop in entire upsell pages directly into the funnels you create. 
  • Eye Catching Templates:  Conversions were kept at the forefront when the MintBird team of developers created the cart and OTO pages. These beautiful templates are tested for high conversion rates.
  • 60 Plus Integrations: More than 60 key integrations have already been added, with dozens more to come.
  • Mobile Application: The mobile app is so easy a third grader can use it. It's convenience is a big bonus!

Key Feature #1: Product Library

  • Find each of your products in this library
  • Create and/or edit the forms for orders
  • Create and/or edit any upsell or downsells
  • Create and/or edit your bumps
  • Create and/or edit any coupon or promo codes
  • Setup split testing offers if you have multiple things

Key Feature #2: Upsells & Downsells

  • Easily look at each one of your Upsell/Downsell offers in the library
  • Tracking all of your conversions for each funnel
  • Create these offers quickly and easily
  • Sell Upsell/Downsell offers as stand alones 
  • Customization for OTO's with templates provided
  • Deploy Upsells/Downsells on customized pages using a simple (no coding skills necessary) embed 

Key Feature #3: Two Minute Funnel Creation

  • View/edit each funnel in your library
  • Track how each funnel is converting or not, and the amount of sales you have
  • Click, drag, and drop creation for funnels.  You can setup funnels in under 2-minutes. Literally.
  • Deployment of each funnel on it's designated page.

Key Feature #4: Multiple Options for Bump Offers

  • View/edit all bumps in the library of offers
  • See live stats on bumps to know if and which funnels they are converting on
  • Simple funnel editor gives you ability to customize your funnel
  • Setup funnel delivery for each bump you have in the library

How Much Does MintBird Cost?

MintBird costs only $297 and has a couple of options to buy into additional products to help you best utilize MintBird. These additional products are not necessary to buy or to have success, however most people would benefit from having the full stack of products at their disposal. 

Is MintBird Pro Worth It?

MintBird Pro has 8 extra features that are definitely worth it if you want a full stack solution and don't want to miss out on any of the possibilities. Here are some of the things included in the pro version.

Timed Funnels: Redirect to another page once the timer hits expiration.

Tags for Triggering Funnels: Once a customer displays a specific behavior or takes action you want, you can redirect your them to another funnel of your choice.

Tags for Triggering Upsells: When a specific action goal is met, you can skip any upsell they would normally see

Pay with Crypto: Accept payments with cryptocurrency using this integration

Advanced Level Automation: Pro has advanced abilities for automation that the regular software doesn't have

Finally Thoughts: Is MintBird Legit or a Scam?

This product is most definitely legit and created by some very successful guys who care about their students success. Like anything in life, if you focus, work hard, and get information from the right sources, then you too can become very successful on your path. 

We would recommend this for affiliate marketers, agency owners who build funnels for clients, e-commerce store owners who need multiple funnels for different products, coaches who have teach online courses, and many more.

Lightworks Team


Lightworks Team

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