The Loci Cycle Review: Is Legit or a Scam? 

 July 5, 2021

By  Lightworks Team

Have you taken every possible step in your attempt to earn money online? If you have already tried everything and are frustrated with your results, the time may have come for you to try e-commerce.

According to new research, e-commerce sales within the United States have increased by 44.2 percent despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We find this increase rather impressive.

When you start to look for the best possible training material to help ensure you succeed, you will be challenged. You can easily find hundreds of different methods, classes, and software. Unfortunately, what you receive is nothing like what you were initially promised. 

Lead Generation Techniques of Chris Munch Revealed!

This is the reason we decided to review The Loci Cycle. This program is consistently increasing in popularity. You may be wondering if looking at this program is worth your time. We have done everything possible to make sure you have enough knowledge to make a good decision. Continue reading to learn how the program works, the pros and cons, and the benefits.

What Is The Loci Cycle?

The Loci Cycle is a program available online. You will receive valuable lessons and information about e-commerce businesses. The portion of the program people talk about the most is the unique model for an e-commerce business. The program includes seven modules and runs for eight weeks. You receive everything you need to run your e-commerce business successfully.

Chris Munch created the program in such a way that selling services or products is not required. You also don't need run any ads online. The people using this program have found it to be revolutionary. The reason is simple. You are learning a new way to make money online. All you have to do is sell products. The program has a secret that ensured it would become popular very quickly.

You do not need to wait to begin. We have already done all the research, so you can get started now. Your first step is locating and purchasing a quality domain. Do not worry! You will be provided with helpful tools to ensure this process is simple and easy.

Only 60 seconds are necessary to complete your next step. At this point, you will set up the theme for your online store. The themes you can access are high-quality. Simply select and install the theme of your choice. You will add products to your website during the third step. You won't waste any valuable time because all of the images and texts are available, so you do not need to create anything.

Before you reached this point, all you were doing was setting everything up. You have now reached the crux of the program because, during the fourth step, you receive an enormous amount of web traffic. You can do this by using the different methods of traffic generation discussed in the program.

The program even handles the inventory, so you will not have any problem keeping up. Your products are drop shipped directly to your customers by suppliers located in the United States. The only thing you'll need to do is continue optimizing your website. Your best option is to select some of the products with the most significant profit potential and use your website to sell them. You can drive your revenue to the moon and back.

Modules: What Does the Course Include?

The Loci Cycle Program features a course including seven different modules. The goal of these modules is to help teach you the essentials of beginning an online business of your own. This section in our review will show you what is included with each module. We recommend going through this material to determine if the contents are helpful for your specific needs.

Section 1: Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence is your first module within the program. This module will teach you more information about the training program basics. Step-by-step guides are contained in this module, in addition to videos showing you how to complete every single step by yourself. We learned a lot when we were going through the program, including the following.

1) Everything you need to know to create and run your e-commerce business.

2) The steps you need to take to begin a successful e-commerce business from scratch.

3) Becoming successful by selling a product in just 24 hours.

4) Understanding how to price your products.

5) Using tips to save money you would otherwise need to use for inventory maintenance.

6) A wide range of secrets Steve and Aidan used successfully to build their first seven-figure business.

Section 2: StoreStorm

StoreStorm is the name of the second Loci Cycle module. We believe this module may be the most important one available in the program. You receive an unbelievable amount of knowledge, enabling you to set up your website in only 60 seconds. You also receive an extensive selection of website themes from which you can choose.

Even if you are new to e-commerce, you will not experience any issues. All you'll need is to take the time to understand the instructions before implementing anything fully. The topics we found the most useful for this module include:

1) Theme X Access: This theme has been proven to help you acquire more leads for quicker sales.

2) The tools and processes you need to generate revenue and create a user-friendly experien

Section 3: Handpicked Products

The third module reveals even more product information to know which ones are profitable and can begin generating revenue. This is exciting because you will get back all of the fees you spend. According to The Loci Cycle, choosing three products from the list provided enables you to earn as much as $200 every day. Some of the best points of this module include:

1) Making money quickly by using science to locate the right products.

2) Learning the process necessary to begin generating $2,500 per day. Yes, you will need to allow some time, but it is possible.

Section 4: Profit Vault

You'll learn about the wide range of products available in the Loci Cycle fourth module. This is how you can begin to generate your revenue quickly. Many people attempting to earn money online pick products that offer too low of margin that is not engaging or attractive enough.

You are provided the solution to this challenge through this module. You also receive a list of products with a high profit potential to help you streamline your earnings. We have defined what we like the most about this module below.

1) A complete listing of high-profit and low competition products.

2) Information regarding suppliers storing and shipping products on your behalf.

3) You receive filtering functionality to help locate the best products from more than three million.

4) Along with your products, you receive ready descriptions for publication.

Section 5: Traffic Black Box

During the fifth module of the program, you learn how traffic can be driven directly to your website. While going through this module, you will have access to traffic generation methods known to be highly successful. When you implement these methods, you receive the help you need to increase your sales quickly. Some of the most amazing parts of this module include:

1) The technique to leverage SEO to generate quality traffic for your website.

2) Methods of generating leads on the go.

3) Setting up an efficient sales funnel to provide you with additional leads.

Section 6: Oracle X

There is an art required to find winning products. You can find thousands of products listed by sellers all over the world on online marketplaces. Unfortunately, this does not mean ROI is on their side. This is the reason this program includes the tools you will need to find some of the products offering the most significant rewards.

The program shows you how to select products to attract the correct customer types. Some of the things we enjoyed in this module include:

1) The technique required to select a high-quality domain.

2) The art necessary for the creation of an attractive logo.

3) Access to automated publishing software for your store to help you set up your website quickly.

Section 7: Support

The seventh module encompasses the support you receive with the Loci Cycle program. The program provides you everything you'll need, including real-time support and answers to your questions. You will find information about commonly asked questions and how to get support from the program team. The best parts of this module include:

1) Every student receives email-based support 365 days every year.

2) You receive exclusive access to the Loci Cycle community.

About Chris Munch

You already know the creator of The Loci Cycle is Chris Munch. The online journey began with an e-commerce store. During the process, hundreds of mistakes were made, and failures occurred. This is how the best method to drive traffic to an e-commerce store was achieved.

You know they are an authority in this area because their business has a seven-figure revenue. Nearly every affiliate marketer in existence has run across some of their products at least once if not more. You can take advantage of their methods and secrets and learn how to earn an income through e-commerce. This program is ideal if you are hungry and interested in beginning an online business.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple to Follow: Chris Munch designed The Loci Cycle program to be incredibly simple to follow and implement. Even if you're a beginner, you can set up an e-commerce store and begin earning an income quickly.
  • No Investment for Products Required: In most cases, you need thousands of dollars to establish a business, including setting up your space and inventory. Neither of these is necessary with this program.
  • Creators with Experience: This program was not established by someone offering methods for trial and error. The program was designed by professionals and includes all of the information you need to become successful.


  • Cost: You will pay a higher cost for this program. Despite your discount, you will need to spend several thousand dollars.
  • Available Online Only: The only way to access this program is online.


You can purchase The Loci Cycle program for $3,497. If you are interested, a three-month installment plan is available with installments of $1,167 each.

Final Verdict - Does The Loci Cycle Really Work?

As we went through the program, we were highly impressed with everything it has to offer. Chris Munch created The Loci Cycle to provide guides for each step, such as making a sales funnel or locating products.

The program provides you seven sensational modules designed to provide all the help you need to begin a successful e-commerce business of your own from scratch. Each of the seven modules teaches you more about finding winning products, creating your website, opening your online store, finding a trustworthy domain name, creating your sales funnel, and leading generation.

Many of the participants have generated revenue as high as $2,500 per day after using this program to set up an online store. You will never be stuck at any step because email support is included 365 days every year. The reason this program is so different is that it has been created with vast experience.

Chris Munch spent years working in the e-commerce world and understands what is required to run a successful e-commerce business. Other than the program fees, no other type of investment is essential. Our only concern is the high cost of the program. Once you pay the $3,497 price, you may be able to change the way you earn a good income online.

Lightworks Team


Lightworks Team

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