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Lightworks for Windows

If you've never installed Lightworks before, then download this version. If you've done an installation before, you should download the version which is a less significant installer. 

Click the icon below to review the complete list of modifications for the newest version for Windows. 

(Compatibility varies with your system. However, as of right now, 95 of windows operating systems accept this download.

Download here

Features and Fixes

  • Fixing the crash for video resizing
  • Fixing the crash for trimming single clips to timeline
  • Fixing the tools that don't return to their appropriate toolbox
  • Fixing the audio with exporting
  • Fixing the crash when exporting with shots that are invalid
  • Fixing the audio with tracks 18 or above
  • Nodes of audio are additions with the right click feature
  • Fixing the settings reset from output
  • Fixing the multiple failure to export errors
  • Fixing the sync issues when there is no track present
  • Fixing the issue of frames that are only black
  • Fixing distortion of tiles when dragging tiles into galleries
  • Fixing color that isn't displayed accurately
  • Fixing the shortcuts on the keyboard
  • Restoring the levels of audio when exporting
  • Fixing the browser section that doesn't allow you to click and make a fresh project
  • Fixing the list feature when you try and create a new bin
  • Fixing the automated position option
  • Fixing the horizontally scale feature within a bin
  • Fixing the distortion when increasing sizing when playing audio back
  • Fixing the pinning of viewers that appears at the top right
  • Fixing the audio fading option
  • Fixing the button for the audio panel mixer
  • Fixing the exporting formats to ensure each button works
  • Fixing the location of tools
  • Fixing any clips from incorrectly opening when there are tiles linked
  • Fixing the timing code that shows nothing
  • Fixing the videos that disappear when you click inline
  • Fixing the audio that jumps after zooming when cutting
  • Fixing the bug from crashing when opening the export trying to compress selection
  • Fixing the drag and drop tiles from bins that show either Both or List views.