Lightworks Announcement

Where It All Started

The first version of Lightworks beta was released years ago and was available to download for free until the open-source version was eventually released. Many advancements and improvements have since been implemented, as the software continues to evolve with their customers' times and needs.

There has been some speculation as to whether Lightworks would indeed remain free to download or if it would be exclusively upgraded to a paid version only. Also, people were questioning whether or not the development would continue as rigorously as it always has been. Lightworks addressed those concerns by saying that their team is committed to the ever-changing landscape and will continue to stay on the cutting edge.

The people who have already downloaded the software know that it's much more than what meets the eye. Their whole intention was to create something that would become the industry standard for editing videos at a professional level.

Beta's purpose was to help developers create a version of the software that could run on any type of computer available on the market today and introduce as many new people to the software as possible.

Challenges always arise in development, like reworking the software, so it could run on the hardware of any kind, without needing to customize or configure it anyway else. The installation needed to run smoothly, without hiccups, because it needed to be different than other apps. Previous versions of the Lightworks software required professional configuration and support, which outweighed the benefits of being reliable and dependable.

The input received from users and contributions of forum members was vital to their development progress. It's very rare to have a frequent and consistent dialogue back and forth from the developers and users of a software, something which Lightworks has achieved!

There have been thousands of fixes and improvements over the years, of which the most significant has been the ability to port in OSX and Linux, while also rewriting other vital elements. Users have greatly benefited from this attention to detail since the software aspects have been improved so much, making their editing experiences significantly better all around.

Without their users, the Lightworks developers would not have received the critical feedback they needed to improve the product. To all users around the world, the thanks go out to them! And in turn, there have been hundreds of thousands of new users worldwide.

What Is the Mission?

Lightworks has stated the most pressing questions they get are, why do they do what they do, their mission with the software, and how can they give so much away for free and still have a profitable business?

Their mission has always been relatively simple: To create the very best video editing tool on the market.

That's why they do what they do. Because they feel everyone interested in editing and film need to have access to Lightworks. Millions of other people around the world have not experienced using this software, and it would be great if that exposure increases to bring new people in.

The second question is more complicated, but it comes down to creating quality products. Whenever you produce quality products, the focus becomes on their value and not necessarily the price that a customer pays for it. Many people are willing to pay more for software if they know it's the best of the best.

Lightworks has done this successfully, and so they can give away a lot of free downloads to bring people in, so they can see why it's worth paying for the upgraded version. It's a win-win for everyone involved and a brilliant strategy.


The community in Lightworks is really tight-knit, which is exceedingly rare among software users and companies. As mentioned earlier, their community users provide real feedback that is then used to improve users and the company's overall experience. This makes the software better and brings in more people at the same time.

Another overlooked aspect of the community is that there is a very active and engaged forum. People share their experience and knowledge with others because users want everyone to succeed. The feeling of collaboration and cooperation is second to none and may never be replicated to this degree ever again.

When you sign up, you get access to the forum, event plans, and group chats where you can participate in specific projects from users of the community and provide real feedback to them. This helps everyone learn more and improve, and immensely helps the person's project drastically also enhance.

Furthermore, users can live chat with one another, upload their reels and videos for constructive criticism, create events and groups, post jobs, vote on new potential developments and features, and much more. It's more than just software, it's a place where like-minded people who are passionate about editing come together and mastermind.